I Am Good, I Am!

“Don’t complain, don’t explain.” – Raymond Carver

The Moses Code.

The burning bush, or God, introduced himself to Moses as I Am That I Am. That’s about as much bible as I can handle, too.

I have not read James F. Twyman’s book The Moses Code. Nonetheless, the comma between “That” and the second “I” is the Moses Code, as in I am [that], I am. Notice the emphasis on the second “I am.”

“I am” are the two most powerful words in the English language, because what comes after—or what those two words strung together affirm—creates the reality in which we breathe. I started becoming acutely aware of this concept several years ago while my life was in shambles. I, of course, knew about and practiced Sankalpa (intention) in life and yoga, but I didn’t understand the gravity of the Moses Code until recently.

I Am represents the God force and leverages the energy that creates worlds. Remember we live in a universe governed predominantly by the Law of Attraction. This universal law states that like attracts like. Look into your own life to answer your questions. What type of experiences do you attract when you are in a foul mood? What type of experiences do you attract when you’re feeling peppy? Be a scientist. Put your questions to work.

Now… throw in a lunar eclipse in Aquarius for good measure, and watch life cascade into boxes of chocolates. Nobody, not even astrologers, can tell you what you’re gonna get. Who else has spent way too much time focusing on their missteps?

Let’s, for a moment, focus on everything I’ve done right lately. Every day, I wake up, which means there’s no need to feel suicidal because the universe is gracing me with yet another day. After I wake up, I usually smudge with sage or palo santo; I burn lavender incense and chant in favour of my goodness; I meditate, and I also practice yoga nearly every day. I’ve even been eating half a melon for breakfasts lately, which (according to medical medium Anthony William in his book Life-Changing Foods), constitutes both an intravenous vitamin therapy as well as an anti-aging serum for the body. William, with an impressive body of work to back him, claims that he channels his information from spirit (he’s clairaudient, so he can hear messages), and everything I’ve tried out in said book has worked. As an aside, channeling a book clairaudiently—that is, by dictation—would be awesome. If that were the case, I’d probably have a few written by now.

Let’s see… What else? I show up to work every day I’m scheduled to teach yoga classes. I’m writing on this blog bi-monthly. The last time I saw my older brother (who can push my buttons), he told me that I’m freaking out less. Here I thought he was laying off, while I just wasn’t reacting.

I drove a car in Vancouver for the first time since the accident and started losing patience only while driving through the West End on Pride Sunday (think congestion). My younger brother happened to be in the neighbourhood, though, and rescued me on a skateboard. I hopped in the backseat and didn’t pay a sniff of attention to the streets as he drove me to my older brother’s penthouse.

I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in thirteen years, and I finally met another friend’s fiancé.

I’ve only put one penis between me and my ex, whom I loved with all my heart, and that relationship ended nearly five years ago. Relevance? You could call me a sage, maybe, but definitely not a slut.

I doubled my income in a year. I’m being smart with money.

I could go on, but creating your own reality is personal. P.s. I don’t have a problem with promiscuity.

I could also yammer on in the vein of Namaste, but you know what I could benefit more from in my world? Manergy. That’s right. Man energy. You know what I like about men? They rarely apologize. They like Leos that way. No condemnation, no apologies necessary. However, there are as many communication thresholds as there are humans on this planet. We’re not navigating a political system down here; we’re navigating volatile communication threshold barriers.

If you’re afraid to mess up, you will. And if you’re focused on opportunities, you will rendezvous with opportunities—opportunities to mess up, if your wires are crossed. Canadian neuropsychologist Donald Hebb famously said, “Neurons that fire together wire together.” We’re talking neuroplasticity, that is, building new neural pathways in the brain.

I am.


Take a moment with mindfulness. Breathe. Relax your back, your shoulders and your jaw. Smile. I saw it there for a moment; you’re… happy!

You might as well be good-feeling things since you get to choose. You could think of it as adjusting your attitude, the barometer being how you feel. Every time someone else thinks you messed up—whether you agree with them or not, whether there’s proof or not—think of what’s occurring in your reality in terms of results. What results would you like to achieve? Peace? Harmony? There’s officially no judgement here. We’re not weighing a recalibration upon anyone else’s thoughts (spell-casting aside). There’s nothing shameful about results.

You get to decide what you adjust to improve your results: your thoughts, your actions, your diet. You get to choose if and how you medicate. You get to choose who you relate with. You get to choose who you are; nobody else gets to choose who you are for you.

Most importantly, you get to choose your thoughts. Sometimes thoughts float by seemingly unannounced, yet welcome. Sometimes we conjure up thoughts. Other times thoughts plague us like viruses. Nonetheless, you get to choose to continue thinking a thought—or not. Those thoughts, and the feelings stirred by those thoughts, attract more ‘like’ thoughts until you create or manifest a like experience. Our feelings let us know what we are attracting. But, during a lunar eclipse, in Aquarius (for example), not practicing mindfulness could bite you in the ass.

Refocusing on results, however, reminds us that we are simply producing a result (thanks Wayne Dyer). The practice of mindfulness could be looked at as perpetual reorientation towards one’s intentions—a multitude of your “I am” beliefs, shifting like tectonic plates and shaping who you are. Who are you? You, along with your life experiences, are a compilation of your beliefs. Beliefs are thoughts you keep thinking. Beyond beliefs, you are pure conscious awareness.

Focusing on the wheel, though… If beliefs are thoughts you keep thinking, and beliefs shape your life, then you can change your thoughts to change your beliefs to reshape your life.