Quantum Adventures of an Armchair Activist




“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.” – George Bernard Shaw

The number one conundrum the majority of humans share—particularly in the developed world—is taxes. In Canada, an unsustainable taxation system coupled with government deregulation, or, more accurately, government misregulation, has created a harrowing and deadly housing crisis. Somebody could write a book about the Canadian taxation system called Stretched to Death. So, because I specialize in prioritization and sustainability, taxation is the first thorn from my perspective that humanity must address. It’s time we stop bitching about unfair taxation systems, because that has only elicited more taxes, and start implementing more sustainable models.

“We have a corporate entity posing as a government in Ottawa,” Genevieve A. Briggs of Windsor, Ontario, wrote in a blog post entitled “Canada is a Corporation under UK Queen,” dated December 2, 2006. Interestingly no factual evidence of Canada once being traded on the New York Stock Exchange readily exists; however, it appears as though the Corporation of Canada has been dissolved.

As a solution-oriented citizen, I propose the following taxation system, that could be implemented immediately. Please note, I consider profit and income synonymous whether you punch a clock, run your own business, own a corporation, or sell property. I would also include capital gains as well as public and private dividends under the below taxation margins. In time, percentages may be adjusted downwards, not upwards. The necessity for some services will dwindle, while we’ll see a rise in preventative rather than curative care. Eventually working for government won’t be a lucrative, capitalistic venture, but instead a career path—or dharma—public servants can be proud of.

Viable Alternate Taxation System:

$0-$24,999.99 – Not taxed.

$25,000-$99,999.99 – Taxed @ 5%

$100,000-$999,999.99 – Taxed @ 10%

$1,000,000-$99,999,999.99 – Taxed @ 15%

$100,000,000-$999,999,999.99 – Taxed @ 20%

$1 Billion+ – Taxed @ 25%

$1 Trillion+ – Taxed @ 50%

Goods & Services – Taxed @ 5%

Citizens who earn less than $25,000 per annum will pay taxes on goods and services only, and that is enough. The more you make, the more you pay in taxes, but you obviously retain comparatively more income. If it’s not listed, it’s not taxed.

I can’t speak for Indigenous peoples, but from the literature I’ve read, Indigenous peoples want the Indian Act dismantled and abolished, and the rumoured $35 billion burning interest in trust understandably handed over to them. I find it interesting that white people kick and scream about a corrupt taxation system designed by other greedy, power-hungry white people, yet kick and scream at the idea of Indigenous people moving into power and ultimately making life easier for us all. The moves outlined above would not put out white people.

Standing up for Indigenous rights is standing up for human rights. If Indigenous people turn around and do to white people what white people do to them, then the cycle of hate continues. How someone else behaves is their karma. How you behave is yours.

We don’t need to reduce essential services; we need to reduce the bureaucracy. Taxpayers will have access not only to budgets, but also to sum totals of tax dollars collected annually. The priority will be taking care of taxpayers, with our money, first. This would include services such as: universal healthcare (including medical, dental, optical, mental, paramedical, etc., as well as alternative healthcare coverage); education—we would cover elementary, primary and secondary first, then eventually expand to cover professional and all levels of post-secondary; universal childcare; housing (for example, subsidized housing rates adjusted to 25% of monthly income)—luxury supply would be based on demand not greed; basic retirement pensions, which would cover basic living costs, including food and shelter; social and hardship assistance; full-spectrum maternity; arts and culture; automobile, life, and liability insurance—we will collapse the insurance industry at large and place all healthcare costs under universal healthcare; and then, of course, administration and programming. Paramedical services would include: physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic care, and acupuncture. Any licensing and registration fees would be allotted to a compartmentalized resource-replacement fund. Social Insurance Numbers would be used to help people, not fence them in to an unwitting state of corruption.

A government run by the people for the people will regulate the costs of the possessions insurance industry (for example, annual premiums of no more than $100 for content insurance), internet and telecommunications industry, the energy sector, in-house petroleum prices, as well as the banking system. The refuse, recycling and composting industries will be heavily subsidized, along with the maintenance and cleanup of oceans, beaches, public spaces and parks, as well as yoga, fitness, and eventually the spa industry. Remember we are moving into a preventative culture, rather than a curative culture. We will learn that it is more expensive to invest in the backend of health, and we will transition to investing in the front end of health. Doctors in Europe have been prescribing spa vacations for years. These are the European trends I would like to see trickling into “Canada.”

Alternative healthcare coverage will include Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), qualified Ayurvedic practitioners, and naturopathic doctors working in conjunction with western medical doctors. Although I respect herbology and would like to see the pharmaceutical industry producing medical-grade, anti-inflammatory vitamins, minerals and supplements (remember universal healthcare coverage), I am not a fan of the homeopathic profession and am for the sugar-pill component of that industry vanishing. Homeopathy, from my experience, is a manipulative practice. Don’t dilute my medicine and use my history against me; just give me the healing herbs.

Because the market isn’t going to adjust itself without human involvement, we will manually adjust all except for luxury rental rates as follows:

$400 – Bachelor Units
$600 – 1-Bedroom Units
$700 – 1-Bedroom plus Den Units
$800 – 2-Bedroom Units
$1,000 – 3-Bedroom Units

Luxury rentals will include: in suite laundry, master bedroom/walk-in closet/ensuite bath, underground parking, dishwasher, stone countertops, hardwood and tiled flooring, and balconies.

Speaking of balconies, apartment complexes and condominiums in general will from now on be legally obligated to properly insulate as well as build all new buildings with balconies. Coin-operated laundry cannot exceed $2 per load, and machines must meet heavy-duty industrial standards.

Properties with or without homes will be taxed according to profits, not annually, but one time only at the point of sale—unless, for the time being, you are a rich foreign investor, in which case you will be taxed 50% annually of the annual appraised value of your residential home and property. Congratulations, appraisers, you have not lost your jobs.

Internet providers can no longer offer anything other than the highest speeds of internet services available, and charge no more than $40 per month for high-speed internet. I don’t personally use landlines or cable, but banishing rate rape in general would be sustainable. If you are a student, retired, or on social assistance, your monthly rate for internet shall not exceed $20. Equally, cell phone and energy rates will mirror internet rates: $40 per month all-inclusive, or $20 monthly all-inclusive if you are a student, senior on a basic pension, or recipient of social assistance.

Corporations and business will pay taxes only on profits over and above business expenses (i.e. employees and operating costs). Organic agriculture will be subsidized and regulated with tax dollars. Cannabis profiteers will be taxed in accordance with the taxation system established above. Psychedelic substances will be decriminalized. The Canada Pension Plan will no longer operate sovereignly but be funded by a percentage of incoming taxes from profits, income, goods and services. No money will be lost, only transferred.

I don’t understand how people don’t question this notion of “crown corporation,” and from my understanding, EI is a tank. A percentage of your taxes will be allotted to EI in the same fashion that a percentage of your taxes will be allotted to CPP.

I would imagine to transition out of colonialism, we will retain the present model of governance to a degree, but we will shed the bureaucracy, as well as certain management, political and executive positions. A government run by the people for the people would require a strong human resources team throughout the nation, junior and senior positions, managers and executive assistants as necessary, and all manner of administrative and specialty positions. People in government who loathe their jobs and the hours they work wouldn’t be lured by prestige and power, or the security of benefits and pensions, because our tax dollars would actually take care of us when we need to be taken care of regardless of economic standing.

Yoga and fitness will be treated as nonoptional like brushing our teeth. Yoga studios will be heavily subsidized to start (and where necessary). When the taxation system shifts and the costs of living dramatically lower, yoga teachers and fitness professionals will be able to comfortably live off current wages. Most of us carry extracurricular earning potential anyhow. Yoga teacher trainings won’t have to crop up on every street corner like Starbucks either when teachers and studios are being subsidized and appropriately taxed.

That’s about all we can cover for a phase 1 conversation. Phase 2 will cover: law enforcement; military; the legal and judiciary systems; Indigenous sovereignty and relations; the banking system in depth; food, air, wildlife and water conservation; cannabis and pharmaceutical regulation; charitable and altruistic endeavors; as well as sustainable energy systems. In phase 3, we’ll discuss science, free energy, plant medicine, mysticism, and the value of meaningful work opportunities. We must not forget, however, that systems will shift as civilizations evolve.

In the meantime… to caring about future generations and beyond!